Staff Members

Dr. Elena Y. Chung – Chief Executive Officer

- Ph.D. Ohio State University 2016; chemical engineering
- Expert in chemical looping systems
- Reaction kinetics and modeling of high pressure methane oxidative coupling

Dr. John A. Sofranko – Founder and CEO

- Ph.D. University of Rochester ‘79; electrocatalytic C-H bond activation
- 23 years at Lyondell (Arco) Chemical Co. (CTO, director of M&A, planning, styrene business)
- 61 patents and numerous publication, presentation, in process catalysis and engineering

Dr. C. Andrew Jones – Consultant

- Ph.D. Johns Hopkins ‘77; physical chemistry
- 23 years at Lyondell (ARCO) Chemical Co.
- 41 patents, 25 papers in catalysis – OCM, ODH, propylene epoxidation, catalytic cracking to olefins, direct hydrogen peroxide

William Wang – Process Research Engineer

- MS Ohio State University 2009; Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering
- 9 years at Ohio State University as Research Associate

Christina Bhatta – Accountant

- BSBA Rider University 2015; Accounting and Finance