About EcoCatalytic Technologies

EcoCatalytic is an early stage start-up company, developing sustainable technologies for the conversion of natural and bio-based gas to marketable liquid fuels, chemicals and electrical power. It was founded as Bio2Electric, LLC in 2009 by Dr. John Sofranko, a proven innovator in the field of natural gas conversion technologies.

EcoCatalytic Technologies assumed its new name in 2014, after winning two significant ARPA-E contracts for technology research in the area of innovative fuel and chemical process focusing on reduced energy utilization, smaller facility footprints, and lower emissions of Green House Gases (GHG).

Our up-to-date laboratory facilities at the Cummings Park allow rapid production and evaluation of new catalytic materials.  These include ceramic process equipment, high temperature calcinations furnaces, automated catalytic micro reactors, and gas chromatography.  EcoCatalytic also uses advanced electrochemical conductivity measurement techniques, such as AC Impedance Spectroscopy, to evaluate the unique Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductivity of its novel catalytic materials.