Modular Electrogenerative Gas-to-Liquid Technology

Technology Summary

  • Catalytic Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM) to Olefins
  • Based on advance Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductive oxides
  • Efficient precursor for liquid fuel production (gasoline or diesel)
  • Co-Generation of valuable liquid fuel AND electricity
  • Process intensification gives high capital efficiency at small scale
  • Manufacturing synergies with SOFC industry

Commercial Targets

  • Conversion efficiency higher than FT GTL – over 70%
  • Capital efficiency of less than 70 $/BL-D
  • Fungible liquid fuel product – gasoline or diesel

Technology Impact

  • Reduce CO2 emission from flared natural gas
  • Efficient production of electricity for remote gas offshore platforms, biogas, shale gas
  • Leverages US knowledge and manufacturing basis in Ceramics, Fuel Cells, Conductive Solid State Materials
  • Reduces the US’s energy dependence
  • Creates a US based manufacturing system for global export